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Pretreatment (Capacity 120000 MTS/Day) : Softflows, 12 X Auto Maxi, APJ, CPJ, 2 X Merceriser, 4 X Drying Range, Float Drier

Dyeing (Capacity 40000 MTS/day) : 30 X Auto Jigger, Continious Pad Batch

Printing (Capacity 80000 MTS/day) : 3 X Rotary Printing Machine (2 Stork, 1 Laxmi) Width From 40” Up To 72”, Repeats 640mm, 820mm, 914mm, 1018mm, Print Steamer, Polymeriser, Contious Print Washer, Line Dry Facitly (up to 40000 MTS/day)

Finishing (Capacity 120000 MTS/day) : 3 X Stenters (width up to 72”), 2 X Calenders, 2 X Shrinking Range)

Pretreatment & Dyeing (16 Tons/day) : 1 X 1000kgs Airflow (then Synergy 8), 3 X 500kgs Softflow, 2 X 1000kgs Softflow, 30kgs Sample Softflow, Slit open Line with bio Washer (fongs TEC3), Lab Dispensing and Dyeing Machine (copower Taiwan)
Printing (12 Tons/day) : 2 X Rotary Printing Machine (Zimmer Austria) Width from 60” up to 72” Repeats 640mm, 820mm, 914mm, 1018mm, Continious Print Steamer (daeyang Korea), Continious Print Washer
Finishing (8 Tons/day) : 8 Chamber Stenter With Edge Gumming and Cutting System by E+l (il Sung Korea), Compactor with Pin Clip Entry (ferraro Italy)

6 Chamber Stenter (IL Sung Korea) with Edge Gumming and Cutting (E+L),
Compactor (Lafer Italy),
Print Washer (14 Tons/day Capacity),
Relax Dryer, Attached to Print Washer (14 Tons/day Capacity)
Waterjet auto Screen Stripper (Novajet Thailand, ECO Friendly) with Auto Washer (inst. Around Sep 2016)
Continious Rotary Screen Washer
Centralised Print Paste Preparation System
A New R & D Centre (Area 2000 Square Feet)
Phase 2 Capacity of Knits will Increase up to 16 Tons/day Printing – 12 Tons/day, Dyeing 4 Tons/day, Interchangable by 20%
Also In Printing Overall Capacity Of Combined Knits & Wovens Is 5 Rotary Machines I.e. 80000 Mts For Wovens & 12 Tons For Knits (interchangable By 25%)
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